Stronger Families

Oxygen For Your Relationships

A Marriage Saved

Rick and Tiffany found themselves without hope for their marriage. Things continued to spiral downward. Tiffany felt there was one last chance for them to save their marriage.

Rick: I was playing basketball when my friend introduced me to Tiffany. I felt a connection to her right away that grew over time.
Tiffany: It was very rocky the first two years. We had a lot of trust issues. When he came home, I felt relief at first, but then the questions and accusations would start on my part because I didn’t trust him.
Rick: Things continued to spiral downward. We were unhappy with each other. We criticized each other about everything.
Tiffany: I felt like I was going crazy. I felt like there was no point to being pregnant with his child. I thought for sure I was going to be a single mom. Then, I heard about the Oxygen seminar and I told Rick this is our last chance to try and fix things.

Rick: During the seminar, Michael Johnson, our facilitator, instructed us to take five minutes to gaze into each other’s eyes without saying a single word. It was very humbling. It brought a lot of stuff home.

Tiffany: There was a lot of pain at first. But, things happened during the seminar that completely changed us… that completely changed everything. I started getting a lot of hope and feeling love from Rick. I felt wanted by him for the first time ever.

Rick: I’ve personally taken a lot more of a leadership role when before I was more passive. Now I’m engaged in church, and I’m part of a men’s group. I put my family’s needs and wants before my own.

Tiffany: I feel dramatically different. I feel like there’s hope now. And with Stronger Families, we have resources. We have someone we can call on. I think the support is the number one thing we have needed. I have faith that things will continue getting better.

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