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Fuel a grassroots movement to change the culture around marriage, so that more kids grow up with their mom and dad.

Who We Are Serving Today

Military Families

Nearly half of all active duty military personnel are married, and many of them have young families to support. In 2011, more than one million children had a parent who was deployed. Within two years of returning home, one out of every five military marriages fall apart. The staggering increase in the suicide rate and mental health needs of those serving in our military also impacts the resiliency of our military families.

Breathing Oxygen into Military Marriages

We support active-duty military and Wounded Warrior families through the Oxygen program. We work with different branches of the military as well as private service organizations such as AUSA and USO.

Key Partners

  • AUSA – Association of United States Army
  • USO

First Responder Families

With a divorce rate of up to 80% in some departments, and as many as 30% of First Responders suffering from Acute Stress Disorder, we are committed to helping our local heroes thrive in their marriage and family life.

Providing Oxygen to First Responders

We support First Responder families by training and equipping area chaplains in the Oxygen program. These chaplains are then able to directly work with local departments to deliver the Oxygen program and mentor couples on an individual or small group basis. We are currently involved in 14 counties throughout the Northwest.

Key Partners

  • International Police & Fire Chaplains
  • Local Police and Fire Departments in Washington State
  • Local Fire Departments in Oregon
  • Behind the Badge

Families In Need

The stresses that low-income families face-chronic unemployment, addiction, financial and emotional strain – add to their already unstable family life. More than 40% of low-income families report food and housing hardships.

Special Assistance for Families in Need

Through our partnerships with local churches, the YMCA and local community service organizations, we are able to deliver Oxygen seminars and offer scholarships to couples who are in a marriage crisis, but cannot afford the price of the seminar or the training materials.

Key Partners

  • YMCA’s of King, Pierce, Kitsap and Greys Harbor Counties
  • Jubilee Reach, Bellevue, WA
  • Urban Impact
  • Liberty Road Foundation
  • Network of 1,700 churches throughout the Northwest, including The City Church, Eastside Foursquare Church, Overlake Christian Church and Lake Sammamish Church

Where We Are Serving