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Right Conversation, Wrong Time

Today is the day! Research has proven that Friday is the day where the greatest conflict erupts between couples. When couples get together after the long week, many times this is where the “issues” get broached. What a way to start a weekend and family time. Karissa and I have had this experience and it […]

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Wounding Words: A Relationship Avalanche

By Karissa Meador There is nothing like having the person who is supposed to be your biggest teammate and ally say something hurtful, whether the hurt was intentional or not. Yet, it can happen in marriage, or any relationship where two humans interact. We are all built so differently. But how do we deal with […]

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Are We Looking In the Mirror?

Perhaps one of the most significant issues in marital conflict and dissatisfaction is that we simply don’t recognize our own contributions to the problems. We justify, ignore, avoid or distract ourselves from taking responsibility for our own actions and negative behaviors. To deal with conflict and the deeper issues, a willingness to look at yourself […]

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Setting Healthy Boundaries, Part 1: Family and Close Relationships

In Father of the Bride we watch as Steve Martin struggles with the fact that another man is in his daughter’s life. One scene features him snooping through his soon to be in-law’s office.  Ferocious Dobermans come chasing after him and we watch him jump out the window and into the pool in order to […]

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Scared to Rock the Boat?

Have you ever heard of the Abilene Paradox? I hadn’t until recently. An Abilene Paradox is when two or more people decide on a course of action that is counter to the actual preferences in the group. In other words, everyone else is too scared to “rock the boat.” This apathy allows an outcome other […]

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Friendship and Mind Reading

By Karissa Meador People are so different. No two friendships are alike. How can we be a “good friend” if we don’t know what that looks like to the person on the other side of the friendship? We are all from such different backgrounds and modes of communication. We assume since we are friends with […]

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Great Communication

Excerpt from Oxygen for Your Relationships If you have been with your partner any length of time, you know that real love takes real work. A young Hollywood starlet was recently quoted in a magazine saying, “If you really love someone, you shouldn’t have to work at it.” If that’s the prevailing mindset in our […]

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The Advice Trap

By Karissa Meador “No one wants advice –only corroboration.” John Steinbeck Recently I gave some advice. It was to a dear friend that had asked me my opinion many times on the same subject. So, I shared freely about something they said in relation to that subject. It was a bad move on my part. […]

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The Power of Perspective

How often do we sit down with someone that believes, thinks, feels, and lives completely different from us and yet seek to do nothing other than listen and understand? Stephan Covey in his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People says, “First seek to understand, then to be understood.” I wonder how our perspective […]

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Hi, I’m Your Best Friend. I’m Getting Divorced.

How is it that people around us are losing their marriages one by one and we seemingly “had no idea?” We hear about our pastors, friends, or family members that are getting divorced and we are bewildered by the thought. We say to ourselves, “But everything seemed so great?” As we look at a high […]

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