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Oxygen For Your Relationships

Helping Couples Find Oxygen

Chaplain (CPT) Rick Pak is on of our first Oxygen Facilitators. He regularly holds seminars for military couples stationed at Fort Benning.

Rick Pak joined the Army after high school. He deployed to the Gulf War, then spent six years in the National Guard. His experience in combat showed that he wanted to be a minister. He graduated from seminary, and served as an associate pastor at a local church, but he had a heart for soldiers and wanted to return to the Army. He served two deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Adjusting to Life at Home

Now stateside, he uses his own experiences to help soldiers cope with the stress of juggling combat deployments with family life at home. His two daughters were not as warm with him when he returned home. They ended up bonding over a love of Transformers. Having trouble adjusting as husband and wife? Pak’s advice is to have each spouse plan a date night. He took his wife to a gun range. She took him for a pedicure. He shares stories like these during Oxygen seminars he runs to help soldiers reunite with their families.

This year, CH Pak took a new assignment as chaplain for basic training candidates at Fort Benning, GA. Now he shares his experiences with a new group of soldiers. As one of the first trained Oxygen facilitators at JBLM, it’s exciting that he is able to take the program with him to Ft. Benning. He’s already taught one Oxygen couples seminar this year and has plans for more. Thank you, CH Pak for being an Oxygen Champion!

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