Jeff Kemp

Jeff Kemp is a highly sought-after speaker, giving keynotes on a variety of topics including leadership, motivation, and marriage and family issues.
Since 1993, Jeff has been the President of Stronger Families (formerly Families Northwest). In this role, he is dedicated to strengthening families and society at-large.
Jeff is a graduate of Dartmouth College and holds a MBA from Pepperdine University.
He played as a quarterback in the NFL for 11 years with the Los Angeles Rams, San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks and Philadelphia Eagles.
He is proud to call the Seattle area home, where he and his wife and four children reside.

Jeff presents several keynote topics:
Marriage and Family Ministry
  • Three Keys to Greatness… Servant Leadership
  • From Huddle to Home: Leading Teams with Love and Vision
  • Marriage doesn’t work… or does it? A real vision for love, sex and marriage.
  • Leadership for Life: Purpose, Vision and Teamwork
  • Motivating Employees by Striking aWork/Family Balance
  • Don’t Fly Blind… a real vision for love, sex and marriage

“Jeff is a great story teller with a great sense of humor. He is not hesitant to poke fun at himself, and that makes his speeches both engaging and accessible. You are drawn into what he says because he is not taking himself too seriously or placing himself on a pedestal. I highly recommend Jeff as a speaker.”
Al Erisman
Institute for Business Technology and Ethics

“His message was relevent to the business community yet applicable to anyone in a leadership position concerned with teamwork, relationship, and priorities. Given Jeff’s reputation in our community the audience was encouraged to hear his message and we received much feedback for him to return at a future date. In summary, Jeff was poignant, relevant, uplifting, and impactful.”
Jeff Rogers

President, KIROS

“You absolutely knocked our socks off with your thoughtful and passionate presentation!  No speaker has done a better job of tying their message into Camp Fire’s work.”
Dave Surface
Executive Director, CAMP FIRE USA Snohomish County Council, Washington State

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