Serving Military Couples

Noel Meador with Ed and Karen Matayka at the USO Caregivers Conference

About Us
Our mission is to bring life-changing skills to marriages and families so they can be strong and thrive. For over twenty years, we have been working to end the tragedy of divorce that hits so many families in our nation. We are a nonprofit organization committed to strengthening families in high stress occupations, with special outreach to wounded/active military, law enforcement, first responder, and low income families.

Helping Couples Experience Transformation in Their Marriage
We developed the Oxygen for Your Relationships program to directly confront the issues that cause divorce. Attendees receive vital, hands-on marriage and relationship education through attendance at our one or two-day training events. Along with supplemental material, digital family resource materials from national experts, access to follow-up phone support and professional referrals, attendees are given long-term ongoing support post attendance of the training. Attendees surveyed before and after the training report significant improvement in relationship.

Raising up Community Leaders
Built into the Oxygen for Your Relationships program, is a facilitator led training model that allows us to leverage our reach and serve multiple communities simultaneously. Oxygen facilitators comes from a variety of backgrounds: chaplains, clergy, mentor couples, mental health professionals, and staff from community-based organizations. Facilitators are certified in the marriage and relationship education trainings and then hold trainings in their area. In this way, we mobilize local leaders to give back to their community by investing in the individuals they interact with.

Serving the Military in 18 States and Overseas

Serving Military in 18 States and Overseas

 Oxygen Testimonies

“There is hope now. And with Stronger Families, we have resources. We have someone we can call on. We have faith things will continue to get better for our marriage.” –Staff Sgt. Rick Guzman

“Because of the many deployments my husband has had, we have found ourselves stuffing issues under the carpet. Whenever we would bring up one of these hidden issues it would cause a huge fight. At the seminar we learned how to resolve conflict the right way. The conflict resolution check-list is definitely something we plan to use in the future.” –Army Wife

“Oxygen has given me important insight into how my wife’s feelings and emotion toward me are connected to how I show love to her.” –Military husband