Stronger Families’ Oxygen Seminar Supports Military Families

Noel Meador with Ed and Karen Matayka at the USO Caregivers Conference

Through the Oxygen For Your Relationships program, Stronger Families provides training and support for couples and their marriages. The Oxygen Seminar gives couples tools they need to improve communication, handle conflict, and create an action plan for their relationship. Through two different relationship assessments taken before the seminar, couples have the opportunity to tailor the content to fit the specific needs of their relationship.

For the past three years we’ve been working with military couples, helping them strengthen their marriages, and giving them the tools they need to handle the extra stress and strain of long term deployment.

We’re also excited to team up with the USO and bring the Oxygen Seminar to wounded warriors and their families across the country.

Recently Noel Meador, Stronger Families’ Executive Director had the opportunity to speak at the USO Caregivers Conference. In addition to sharing tips and tools from Oxygen, he learned first hand the stress and struggles spouses go through in caring for their loved ones.

In addition to military families we also present the Oxygen Seminarto churches, communities and low income families. We recently released O2Go, an 8 disk DVD series containing the full Oxygen Seminar. O2Go is perfect for churches or small groups. Visit our Oxygen Page to watch a short promotional clip with Noel Meador presenting an Oxygen Seminar.

To learn more about Stronger Families and The Oxygen Seminar, please contact Noel Meador.